Eye Care

To target the most sensitive areas of the face we focused on three key actions: nourishing, combating fatigue, and plumping, and we have combined them in a high-performance blend of technology and active ingredients.

The emphasis is on dark circles, bags and wrinkles, from the first expression lines to the most stubborn ones, such as the barcode effect around the lips. We offer fast solutions to address these issues, with effective results that are immediately visible and intensify over time, and guaranteed by clinical and instrumental trials.

Let’s focus on eyes and lips, the most fragile areas of our face, where the signs of ageing tend to be more noticeable. The eye contour area, in particular, is less “thick” and as such more delicate than other areas of the face; wrinkles, bags and dark circles are the most common issues that affect it. Products dedicated to this area must be particularly delicate, without added perfume or alcohol. The most beneficial formulas contain moisturising and soothing active substances such as hyaluronic acid, chamomile and a mix of ingredients such as caffeine, horse chestnut, aloe vera, ginkgo biloba, and green tea, which stimulate micro circulation around the eyes to counteract the onset of dark circles and bags through toning. To take care of this delicate area, a thorough beauty routine is essential, and must involve the use of facial serums and contour eye creams. Serums are light-textured products containing a high percentage of active ingredients that act quickly and deeply. They should be applied to dry and cleansed skin before a face cream is used. In contrast, the formulas of eye contour creams are more full-bodied, rich in hydrating and protective ingredients as well as specific substances to combat dark circles and bags. These creams should be applied after a face cream is used, at the end of your skin-care routine. For a shock action on this area we also recommend the weekly use of patches, which will target specific needs: hydration, bags, dark circles. Lips’ skin tissue, on the other hand, is a mucous membrane with characteristics that are very specific compared to other areas of the face: here the skin is much thinner and lacks sebaceous glands. Due to these morphological differences, lips constitute a lower defensive barrier against external agents, and have poor water retention capacity. Hence, to combat dryness and the barcode effect, it is best to choose specific products rather than multi area ones (i.e. for eyes and lips). The formulas dedicated to this area are carefully balanced so that they can be applied in total safety, and contain active hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol, as well as vitamin A for its anti-ageing action and vitamin E for its antioxidant power. The combined use of specific serums, anti-ageing fillers, scrubs and moisturising masks will keep your lips smooth, soft and plump.