One verb defines the daily life of healthy skin:  to hydrate. A verb in the imperative form and present tense for immediate effects (NOW), and in the future tense for long-term results (FOREVER).    

We offer hydration that can take on all challenges:  pollution, sun, cold, ageing, stress. The ingredients list includes a careful selection of raw materials that harness the recognized potential of hyaluronic acid at different molecular weights.

Hydration is the premise for young, toned and healthy skin. Cold, sun, pollution, stress, the excessive use of cosmetics or aggressive cleansers can cause dehydration, resulting in premature skin ageing. The purpose of hydrating products is to restore the skin’s optimal levels of moisture, keeping it nourished and protected while fully preserving its hydrolipidic film. Depending on the type of skin, different formulas are available, with a higher or lower concentration of lipid components. Dry skin requires a higher percentage of fat components: rich creams with nourishing and enveloping textures are ideal. On the other hand, liquids and gel creams, with a lower lipid content, perfectly suit mixed and oily skin. While with normal skin, its natural balance of water and sebum must be preserved with specific formulas that contain water and lipids in equal percentages. It’s not all about creams, however: daily hydration can be achieved through several methods/actions. Lotions offer more hydration and best prepare the skin for subsequent treatments, while serums and concentrates rich in active ingredients can be used for a deeper action. Masks can intensify the results of daily treatments with just a single application; available in cream and fabric form, the latter providing more intense cleansing thanks to the occlusive action, they are the ideal ending to a thorough skin-care routine.