Who we are

Face D was born in Milan in 2012, conceived by Chiara Sormani.

Besides having a successful international career in the world of beauty, Chiara founded Face D with the desire to bridge the divide between makeup and skin-care. The challenge: establish a shared understanding between short- and long-term needs, combining swift solutions with steady treatments

The result is a brand of dermocosmetics that offer and supply innovative and concrete answers to skin’s needs: a safe and effective line of products, just like the ones found in a pharmacy, but with a refined trendier look.

The way we work

Made in Italy quality and an international attitude. Quick, yet comprehensive, responses. Products developed through extended research over time yet easy to use. 

The features that make us unique are unequivocal. Just like our products, we go straight to the point, targeting and satisfying specific needs. We do not make any promises, we just keep them

The price, too, is transparent and affordable: our products are manufactured in Italy, which ensures greater control over ingredients and suppliers, as well as lower costs without compromising quality and outcome

We are strict: our products are subjected to several rigorous analysis performed in specialised institutions. To guarantee complete impartiality, our formulas’ validation process is carried out through clinical and instrumental trials.

Accordingly, the impartial data obtained only adds to the expertise of our reference dermatologists. Tests are conducted over 56 days on 40 volunteers who do not know the brand or the product.

At the first application, immediate effects – NOW – are recorded; then follow-up checks are performed every 14 days, to assess how the skin changes over time, achieving long-term – FOREVER – results.


To us, sustainability is a constant goal. We use glass containers and packaging often made from recycled materials; indeed, to be consistent we prefer them to plastics obtained from resource-intensive crops such as sugarcane. We use FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, produced in paper mills ensuring that new trees are planted in deforested areas. Our packaging is recycled, too: we reuse and handle on-site all cardboard packaging the company ends up with.   

We believe that every little action helps. Our offices are plastic-free and kept at a reasonable temperature.

We drive electric cars, though we gladly walk or cycle whenever we can.

Pack free

Face D offers you the chance to purchase our products at a low environmental and financial cost; for instance, you can decide to buy non-packaged items at a reduced price. Indeed, why not make a significant difference by choosing the more cost effective and greener option? It would help us achieve our ultimate goal: to raise awareness on more informed consumption practices.

DISCOVER the pack free products selection and make a concrete choice of sustainability.

Face D lines

The common thread running through all Face D dermocosmetic lines is a small molecule with extraordinary hydration performance powers: hyaluronic acid.

Naturally present in the body and skin, with a key role in retaining water, hyaluronic acid is employed in different ways and up to 4 molecular weights, for an even deeper penetrating action reaching all skin layers.

The outcome: comprehensive hydration, a slower cell metabolism, and skin plumped from the inside out

The Fast&Easy line harnesses the properties of a high quality hyaluronic acid to achieve one sole objective: immediate results, with just a single gesture.

Irrespectively of specific needs, this line offers a fast response, with targeted formulas acting inside the deepest skin layers. 

The Pure&Easy line employs a concentrate of the purest active ingredients to give a smoother, more elastic, better hydrated skin. With a minimal number of selected raw materials: fewer than 15 ingredients, but all yielding the purest, most effective benefits.  Results guaranteed by clinical and instrumental trials.


At Face D, we believe it is the small, everyday acts of solidarity that can improve our immediate surroundings. And from there, the world. We are the community in which we live: a delicate ecosystem, where it is essential to give back what we take, to create new value where it has been eradicated.

That is why we donate 3% of this website’s net income to “Derive e approdi”, a project launched by the Milan City Council to fight the trafficking and exploitation of people, in all its forms, from prostitution to domestic violence, from begging rackets to forced labour. The Council operates in the local area supported by units providing immediate relief, such as food, accommodation and medical assistance, as well as dedicated counselling services. The objective is to set the victims on a new path of life and personal freedom through programs for work and social reintegration.

Hence, every purchase made on faced.com is worth much more than a good cream, it becomes a concretesupportive and tangible action: at the end of each purchase, you will receive a notification confirming the donation, and on the website you will find updates on the activities supported by us.


All of this could not have been possible without the Face D team.

We are a diverse group of people in terms of age, gender, professional experience and background. And it is precisely in our differences and our diversity that we see the value of who we are: an inclusive whole powered by individual energies.

To us, freedom equals respect for others, quality stands for the constant endeavour to do better, speed means to promptly meet the needs of those who choose us as well as the willingness to make life easier. Now and Forever.